Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl and Goose Hunting at Karankawa Plains near Houston, TX

Karankawa Plains Outfitting Company hunts the prairies and bottom lands from the Lissie Prairie near East Bernard south to the Pierce Ranch, controlling 40,000 plus privately owned acres.  We pump hundreds of acres of water on these properties, further enhancing our success potential. We hold enormous concentrations of ducks, hunting primarily Pintail, Widgeon, Teal, Gadwall, Wood Duck, and Black Duck. We have traditionally help exceptional numbers of Snow Geese and Whitefront Geese. We are committed to making your hunting experience both successful and memorable. We utilize many years of waterfowling experience and put in the man-hours to ensure we’ve done everything in our power to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Water is the number one key to successful Waterfowling; the more water, the more waterfowl.  Levee work and pumped water are expensive but well worth the cost.  Every year we put in 400+ acres of roost ponds, ranging in size from ten to one hundred acres.  These waters set our operation apart from the rest, by giving us the potential of holding large concentrations of waterfowl, (We’ve held over 150,000 birds at one time), on our properties, from the beginning of the season until the end.


The success of our guided hunts is attributable to:

  • Proper management of large acreage to prevent over hunting, and therefore, increasing our hunter’s chance of success.
  • Pumping hundreds of acres of water for Duck and Goose Hunting, and establishing large roosting areas.
  • Utilizing a unique and total decoying system with expert guides.
  • Hunting areas with large concentration of birds.

We furnish all decoys (rag spreads, goose full bodies, goose wind socks, goose kites, and duck decoys) and white parkas. You will need a shotgun, shells, waders, camo hat and coat, and personal gear.

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The direct Waterfowl telephone line is:  832.520.1105