Hunts for feral hog or deer, in one of the 27 single and double deer blinds, offer both the beauty of virgin forests and the chance to land quality game. Our deer herd has been actively managed for over 10 years on 20,000 acres and now produces some of the highest quality deer on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast. Guided goose and duck hunts bring hunters to some of the richest winter feeding ground on the gulf coast.

To the site, in fact, where PBS filmed footage for a television production of Paul Gallico’s book The Snow Goose. Pintail and teal share prairie ponds with geese, while mallard and wood duck abound along the banks of creeks and sloughs.

For those who seek variety, Karankawa also offers guided hunts for Sandhill Cranes, pheasant, and coyote. These can be scheduled in addition to waterfowl, deer, and hog hunting.

When we say full service, we mean it! From the clothes on your back to the shells for your gun, all the details can and will be taken care of.

Karankawa Plains provides a gun sighting range and a skeet machine for practice in your free time. Hunters are welcome to bring their own dogs, but this is not necessary. Game processing is available as well as cold storage for those who do their own processing, and we also have an excellent local taxidermist.

The Lodge


Because of the unspoiled quality and diversity of the land here, we can provide a perfect place for nature lovers to enjoy and explore between March and October. Karankawa Plains has access to the bottomland forest and the plains for hiking, fishing and bird watching. Trails wind through the trees, then end at quaint picnic houses, where guests can enjoy a leisurely lunch.

The lodge, with its spacious living room and accommodations for twenty-seven, serves as a perfect location for relaxing between hunts and is also suitable for meetings of all kinds. Karankawa will make sure that your event is just what you want it to be!

Keep in mind that access to this facility and the historic land surrounding it is limited, so your group will receive our full attention as well as privacy. We will cater our service to your needs; if you have an idea for an activity we have not mentioned, feel free to suggest it to us! We want Karankawa Plains to be the best all-round hunting experience in Texas!

The Land


Hundreds of years before the coming of the Spaniards to the gulf coast shores of Texas, the Karankawa Indians hunted these plains for deer, bear, and waterfowl. By the late 1800’s, the Karankawa were only a memory of skilled hunters, who never would accept the white man’s ways. These were the years of Shanghai Pierce, a man whose cattle empire followed the Colorado River from the saltgrass marshes at Matagorda Bay to the grasslands of Columbus and LaGrange.

From Pierce’s day to the present, these prairies and river bottoms have seen very few hunters. The live oak and pecan forests still team with wildlife of all varieties, including east Texas whitetail deer, wild pig, and the rare long-tailed cougar. The ricelands and natural ponds provide winter feeding and roosting grounds for thousands of migrating geese and ducks.

Here is an opportunity to share in what only the most privileged hunters through the history of the gulf coast have experienced. For the first time ever, the Pierce Ranch is opening 20,000 acres of Colorado River bottomlands and coastal prairie to hunters and wildlife lovers seeking a one-of-a-kind exposure to what this land has to offer.

Karankawa Plains Hunting and Outfitting Company has leased this land and makes it available to a limited number of patrons. This full-service lodge is located on the Pierce Ranch, sixty miles south of Houston, Texas on Highway 59. We provide the finest in hunting and lodging anywhere within a similar traveling range of Houston.

The lodge is located on the same grounds that once housed the cowhands and trail bosses who made “Shanghai’s boys” infamous from Brownsville to Kansas City. Cow Camp, as it is known, is still in use today as headquarters for the Pierce Ranch cattle operation. With accommodations for twenty three guests, the service promises to be of highest quality, with the warmth and friendliness of a family home.